Bison Media Company Portfolio

Client: Main Optical Company/ Dr. Phillip Best


Market: Buffalo/ Niagara DMA


Campaign: Dr. Best and the Main Optical Company opted for a distribution campaign to draw in new customers.  30% off coupons were featured in the backseats of local taxis.


Recap:  200 + coupons distributed and foot traffic as well as new customers have increased.



Client: Meals on Wheels of Western New York


Market: Buffalo/ Niagara DMA


Campaign: MOW utilized 24-hr taxis to call local volunteers to action in regard to delivering meals as well as donations for the organization.  The campaign featured branded WNY taxis that also featured Meals on Wheels brochures for riders to take along with them.


Recap: Over 200 pcs. of literature distributed

Client: General Door & Locksmith


Market: Buffalo/ Niagara DMA


Campaign:  GDL utilized 24-hr taxis for its out-of-home/ direct media campaign.  The run featured exposure via taxi tops and business card placements in the backseats. 


Recap: Campaign was on road for over 30,000 miles; Over 500 business cards distributed.

Client: Housing Opportunities Made Equal


Market: Buffalo/ Niagara DMA


Campaign: HOME placed two separate brochures in local taxis to help call people to action. The first, which is bilingual (English & Spanish), is for tenants and serves to educate the public on fair housing law and the types of discrimination that unfortunately goes on. The second is a practical guide for landlords. It talks about the right way to do things and stay out of trouble.


Recap: 1000 pcs of literature distributed.

Client: Cellino Plumbing


Market: Buffalo/ Niagara DMA


Campaign: 3 month campaign utilizing 24-hr taxis during summer of 14'.  Components included taxi tops and in-vehicle literature displays.  Directives were to brand Cellino Plumbing across WNY and create a call to action with regard to web & phone.  Our backseat placements allowed Cellino Plumbing to engage the public with monthly special coupons and a company newsletter.

Recap:  Units still on road and client pleased with talk in community and ability to place coupons and specials in the units.

Client: WUFO AM


Market: Buffalo/ Niagara DMA


Campaign: Year long campaign utilizing 10 twenty-four hour taxi tops to promote new era of WUFO AM.  Towards the end of 13' the station changed ownership and moved its location to Downtown Buffalo.  Focus was to re-brand, push people to the website and promote their new multi-media group along with their creation of radio to television.

Recap: The station is happy with the taxi media exposure and the listeners are loving the FREE promotional items circulated via the taxis.

Client: The Buffalo Zoo

Market: Buffalo/ Niagara DMA

Campaign: 1 month campaign featuring 24-hr taxis with decals on both sides for Polar Pledge Campaign.  Last leg of campaign had a goal of 2 million dollars to build new proper habitat and keep our polar bears in Buffalo.

Recap: The campaign was on the road for 10,212 miles and provided over 10 million impressions.  Received coverage from local news outlets WIVB and YNN.

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