Market Information

Buffalo/ Niagara DMA

  • Buffalo, Ny has a population of 1.3 million in its DMA (Scarborough Report)
  • The Buffalo/ Niagara Falls CBSA has population of 887,626 (Scarborough Report)
  • 8 counties in the DMA; 639,500 households with median household income of $50,400 (Demographics USA)
  • 171,130 average total daily impressions per vehicle in Buffalo.  Over 5.1 million impressions each month (DOT, Roadmark)
  • International exposure; Niagara Falls Ontario has over 16 million visitors annualy; Average total daily impressions of 333,240 in warm months & 100,000 the rest of the year
  • 300 vehicles on road for minimum of 12-14 hrs each day with most being 24-hr taxis
  • Over 1 million riders annually (Independent Study)
  • Over 100 Full-Time Rideshare Operators

San Diego DMA

  • San Diego, CA has a population of 3.2 million in its MSA (Census Bureau)
  • Over 1.1 million houselholds in the MSA, 720,480 of those being family households (Census Bureau)
  • Media household income of $63,373 (Census Bureau)
  • Foreign born population of 720,485 (Census Bureau)
  • 7.4 million international visitors from Mexico traveled to California in 2013 (Visit California)
  • 300 vehicles on road for minimum of 12-14 hrs each day



Some Statistics

  • Rideshare use in Upstate NY has increased 50% (Times Union, Lyft)
  • 100 million riders nationally (Business of Apps, Uber, Lyft)
  • 14 million Uber rides completed everyday in US (Business of Apps, Uber)
  • Uber & Lyft makeup 98% of US market share (Second Measure)
  • Digital out-of-home advertising: 73% of people exposed to a display watched; 63% of people that watched recalled seeing an ad; 28% of people that recall seeing an ad made an unplanned purchase (Arbitron, Nielsen)
  • Mobile outdoor has a 97% Recall. (The Transportation Advertising Council of America.)
  • 91% of the target audience notice mobile advertising. (3M Technologies)
  • 96% of viewers say mobile billboards have more impact than static billboards (American trucking assoc. & 3M)
  • Mobile ads generate 250% more attention than a static billboard (Perception Research Services)
  • Most frequently mentioned source of ad awareness. (Market Vision Research)
  • Nearly 30% of pedestrians exposed to mobile outdoor said they would base buying decisions on ads they’ve seen. (ATA Study)
  • Mobile billboards are twice as effective in driving sales vs. static media, 107% vs. 54% (Product Acceptance & Research Inc.)

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