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Our marketing campaigns bring brands to life by utilizing unique canvases to display eye-catching ads that are finely tuned to capture your desired target audience. We make sure that your brand gets noticed and we call consumers to action both literally and figuratively.  It's top-of-mind awareness.

Build Your Brand Experience

The Bison Media Company builds brand impressions using mass-transit media, Rideshare media, digital signage & direct response advertising to expose your message to as many as 2.3 million potential consumers.


Fully Branded Marketing:

  • Grab and hold the attention of consumers with "your" fully branded vehicle.  The vehicle does not have an ad on it, the vehicle is the ad!  Garner unlimited impressions from a 360 degree perspective as your messages stand out in busy urban backdrops as well as hard to reach residential communities.  All eyes from vehicular, pedestrian and stationary traffic will be on your message and your vehicle.

Rideshare Marketing:

  • Enjoy full regional exposure combined with unprecedented presence at the Buffalo/ Niagara airport via our rideshare marketing program.  Take advantage of Western New York's growing rideshare market.  Your messages will own presence at all the big events, popular destinations and pedestrian hubs across our great region.  Our vehicles are always on the road and they canvas the entire Buffalo Niagara region.


Print Media:

  • Generate a lasting impression with our literature displays.  In most cases this is the final chance to lock the consumer in.  They have already seen your message and been called to action, now give them something to take with them.  Place brochures, coupons and other promotional materials such as clothing, hats, product samples and key chains in your vehicles.

Bison Media Mobile:

  • Create a direct link and database consumers with our Bison Media Mobile text messaging platform.  Not only can you gauge the effectiveness of any campaign run with our company or anyone else's, once the consumer opts-in you never have to spend big marketing dollars to interact with them again.  Try pennies on the dollar.

Word-of-Mouth Advertising:

  • Our vehicle operators live in the communities they serve. They are valuable taste makers.  Our drivers are trained to provide quality guidance to the consumer without over pitching.

Event Marketing:

  • Create more pop and buzz with your fully branded vehicle on- site at any event.


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Tailor-made marketing strategies


Marketing is the heartbeat of any sales program, because it determines how an audience views a product, service or company. An effective marketing strategy addresses four basic elements: product, price, promotion and distribution. Find the perfect balance and you'll be poised to succeed. To assist you in doing so, we stay on top of social trends, technological advances, and cultural influences tracking their effects on consumers and their purchasing behavior.  We also design our campaigns to the needs and directives of our clients.  Choose your best footprint... and leave it!

Let us write your marketing success story!

The Bison Media Company seeks to be your #1 option in developing targeted hyper-local advertising & brand cost effective solutions that bring measurable response among your consumers. Looking to increase your company’s visibility? Contact us today to put our team to work for you.


International Appeal!

The Bison Media Company bridges the gap between our great country and our Canadian & Mexican neighbors.  Our market borders the two nations.  Expose your messages to millions of Canadian and Mexican citizens who cross over into our region to work, shop & travel.  This medium is also perfect for international companies seeking American consumers.  Own your international market.

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